Technology is everywhere!  But what about technology specific to Ophthalmologists and Optometrists for practice marketing and communication?  Here we discuss the benefits of EMR to social media and patient communication/engagement platforms.  We give tips on how to maximise the potential of these technologies to make our lives easier but also to enrich the lives of our patients.

The best tools to save time in improving patient education

Digital tools can help reduce the time investment needed for patient education and enhance the doctor-patient relationship. In this article, we explore some of the best ways to improve patient education in your consulting room without adding to your workload....
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National Glaucoma Awareness Week – What does this mean for your practice?

Subscribe to our mailing list     This week has a very important mission, to raise awareness of Glaucoma. It also provides your practice with the opportunity to join in on the conversation around this condition and engage with patients via...
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3 Ways to Save Time & Maximise Revenue With Social Media

 How to save time and maximise revenue with social media Introduction Social media presents opportunities for clinics to maximise profits, reduce the need for expensive traditional marketing, and save time on patient education in the Consulting Room....
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