Deliver 5 Star Consultations

Quite simply, no other platform comes close to CAPTIV8+ in the exam room.  Designed specifically for patient education / engagement in consultation, CAPTIV8+ is fast, intuitive and super easy.  It will leave patients with a lasting postive impression of your consultation.

  • Zoom in and out
  • View from ANY angle
  • Apply disease to structures
  • Perform surgery on the model
  • Draw on screen
  • Record interactions to create your own animations!

Patient Education & Engagement Beyond Consultations

Make consultations memorable by sharing animations pre or post appointment


Share via SMS

Not every patient has email, research shows that only 56% of consumers with email have access to them on their mobile devices!  That’s why we developed CAPTIV8 Share.

Share via Email

Send beautifully designed emails branded with your logo and practice address.  Emails are fully compliant with international anti-spam policies and delivered from an email delivery platform that protects you from getting black-listed.

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Entertain in the Waiting Area


Login to the Media Centre to create as many playlists as you wish, just drag & drop beautiful 3D patient education animations into the playlist area.  Save your playlist and then publish them remotely to your waiting displays.


Want to display certain playlists at specific times or on specific days?  No problem!  The Media Centre has a built-in scheduler,  drag and drop playlists at specific times / days.


Upload your own static slides to play between movies.  You can even play your own movies or those supplied by Vendors.


The Media Centre is online.  Create playlists from anywhere and publish them to your waiting area PC remotely!  It’s especially useful if you have multiple practices because you don’t need to be onsite to change your display content.

Reduce Website Dropouts

Investing in driving visitors to your website is a great way of promoting your brand.  However, converting these visitors to real patients must  be the ultimate goal.  Engagement is key to this conversion – otherwise you’ve just wasted a lot of time, effort and money in driving consumers to your web page for them to just move on to the next website.

Embedding stunning animations will engage website visitors.  Adding a call to action will allow you to increase goal conversions.  CAPTIV8+ comes with over 200 stunning animations that embed like YouTube videos and play on all devices so your website remains mobile compliant.


Struggling finding interesting stories to post to your social media accounts?  Want to leverage the power of social media for your practice?  CAPTIV8 Social is the perfect solution.


Engaging with your followers is a time consuming task, it’s also something that never ends.  CAPTIV8 Social automatically finds the latest news and posts content to your Facebook and Twitter company pages.  All you do is make a one time selection of the type of content you want posted – CAPTIV8 Social does the rest.


CAPTIV8 Social includes an innovative social listening service.  In a nutshell, we find you eye related Tweets from real people in your area and allow you to engage with replies using amazing patient education animations.  Social listening helps to promote your brand in your local community.