CAPTIV8 Connect is a secure GDPR, HIPAA compliant referral system.  There are many reasons why the NHS, Ophthalmology clinics, Independent Ophthalmologists and Optometrists want referrals to be delivered electronically.

  1. Quicker
  2. Reduces unecessary referrals
  3. Post-op discharge allows hospitals to discharge patients to community Optometrists.  For example, a stable glaucoma patient could be discharged to a Specialist Optometrist for regular assessment thereby reducing the burden on the NHS or government hospitals.
  4. Trackable
  5. Incorporates SNOMED data.  Snomed is an international standard for medicine.  It makes clinical terms machine readable.  All CAPTIV8 Connect referral templates are SNOMED compliant.
  6. Imaging & DICOM compliance.  CAPTIV8 Connect allows you to bring in images and even DICOM OCT which allows the recipient to go through OCT slices interactively.
  7. Post-op payment.  Where applicable, CAPTIV8 Connect automates payment for post-operative follow-up appointments performed by Optometrists – thus massively reducing administrative burden.
  8. 2-way commincation.  CAPTIV8 Connect has a built-in messaging system allowing both Optometrists and Specialists to communicate and ‘tag’ patients.  This is ideal when in need of ad-hoc advice before or after a referral thereby potentially reducing unnecessary referrals.