Premium Add-ons

CAPTIV8 Connect can easily be upgraded to add premium add-ons.  Choose from 3 premium subscription modules:

  1. Chairside: this module allows you to interact with animations by drawing over them and accessing the chairside toolbar.  Watch the video on Chairside consultations.  The Chairside module also includes a fully interactive ‘model eye‘.  Here you can perform cataract surgery, show common diseases and even simulate vision of disease or premium IOLs.
  2. Web embedding: allows you to embed unlimited animations into your website to add that wow factor and keep patients interested in your website.
  3. Reception TV: if you have a reception TV screen, you can upgrade to the this module have utilise the power of our animations in your reception area to engage patients while they wait.  Create and schedule playlists at specific days and times and even add your own media.

You can also purchase credits for SMS sharing and also Consent.

All premium add-ons can be purchased at anytime by going to Settings>Billings & Add-ons after you log into CAPTIV8 Connect.