Getting Started


When installing on Windows, make sure you are logged in as Admin.  If you cannot activate the software please add an exception to CAPTIV8+ in your firewall.

Application Settings

This tutorial goes through all the CAPTIV8+ application settings such as sizing the program to your screen resolution, default playback and model interaction styles.

Setting Default Language

When installing on Windows, make sure you are logged in as Admin.  If you cannot activate the software please add an exception to CAPTIV8+ in your firewall.

CAPTIV8+ in the Consulting Room

Controlling the Model

Zoom with Mouse

Press and hold the left mouse button, then move the mouse up  and down to zoom in and out of the model.

Rotate with Mouse

Press and hold the right mouse button, then move the mouse in the direction you want to rotate.  To rotate in a particular axis, please and hold the shift key on the keyboard at the same time as standard rotation.

Draw over Annotation

Just press ‘p’ on the keyboard and then press the right mouse button and start drawing.  To clear the drawing, press ‘p’ again.

Panning the Model

If you have a mouse wheel, then simply press this down and move you mouse slowly to pan.

CAPTIV8 Animations Chairside

CAPTIV8 animations can be shared and played through CAPTIV8+.  Go to the animations library and search for the animation you want to play.  Click on the animation for playback.

Animations can paused clicking on the video.  Once paused,  you can draw over the video by pressing and holding the left mouse button and drawing.  Double clicking the video will clear the drawing and continue playback.

To move forward and backward, just move the cursor over the playback area and click to skip to this area.  A preview image will guide you to the specific part of the movie.

Sharing & Editing Animations

Public vs Private Animations

Public animations can be embedded on your website and are available for sharing through email and SMS.  You can also share Public animations through social media.  Other users in your account may also download Public animations.

Private animations are designed to be shared with a specific patient only.  Other users in your account cannot access your Private animations.

Editing Animations

Public animations can be edited.  Editing involves cutting sections out of the recording and adding image thumbs.  Furthermore, you can also add captions and voiceover to each animation.

Sharing Animations

Sharing animations is easy, just click on the share icon in the animation library.  You can share public animations and also per-scripted CAPTIV8 animations.  If you want to playback CAPTIV8 animations, hover over the animation and click on it.

What do Patients See?

Once you share an animation (either by email or SMS), your patients will be able to click on the link and view the animation on a branded page with your logo and even share the content with their friends.

Making Recordings Public

When you have created your own animation, you can make it public by clicking share and then public.  Other users within your company can download these recordings and use them to share with patients.  Public animations allows you to present a consistent message from your company and ensure that the messaging is tailored to your individual requirements.

Waiting Area

Creating Waiting Area Loops

Login to your management area and then click on your practice then select Media Centre.  Here you can edit and create new playlists.  Just drag and drop animations into the playlist elements and click save.  Finally publish the playlist to one or more installations.  Remember, you can also add you own images and videos to playlists.

Add Images to Playlists

Upload and add your images to playlists through the media centre.  Images should be 16:9 aspect ratio, this is so that images display perfectly on your screen.

Add Vendor Videos to Playlists

Copy vendor videos to the Vendor Media folder on your installations.  Start CAPTIV8 and then your video file will synchronise with the media centre.  Once synchronised, you will be able to drag and drop it into your playlist.

Add Public CAPTIV8+ Videos

As soon as you create and save a public CAPTIV8+ video it will appear in the media centre.  Just drag and drop it into your playlist and save it.

CAPTIV8 Social

Automatic Posts

Login to your management area and then click on Streams. Connect CAPTIV8 Social to your Social Media channels (Facebook and/or Twitter).

Select the content topics you’re interested in publishing to your Company social media pages.  Select the social media channels and click save.

Finally, you can select on the post frequency by going to the Settings area and choosing from the drop down menu.

Call Centre

Create Call Centre Users

Login to your management area and then click on people.  Add a new user and assign it to Call Centre.  Once added, you can restrict sharing to specific animations and create specific call centre messages.

An email will be sent to the email address specified.  Login to and enter the details sent in the email.  The Call Centre module will then be visible in the browser window.  It’s worth setting this page as your default web page and also tell the browser to remember the login credentials.