Installing CAPTIV8

PC Installation

When installing on Windows, make sure you are logged in as Admin.  If you cannot activate the software please add an exception to CAPTIV8 in your firewall.

Getting Started

Default Settings

Access the Settings area to set default users and language of animations and captions.

Add Users & Practices

Add users to the CAPTIV8 program.  Practitioners, Standard Users and Account Owners are shown in the program for sharing content.  Call centre users share content from a web browser (accessible from   Call Centre users are external or receptionists.  Only account owners and admin users can access the full functionality shown in the settings area.

Add practices specific details such address, telephone numbers and social media pages.

User Profile Picture

Add your picture to personalise the experience for every patient.  When emailed animations are viewed by patients, they will not only see your practice logo and map of your practice location, they will also see a picture of the Clinician or User who shared the email with the patient.  The video shows how to add user profile pictures.

Add/Edit Template Messages

Create and edit message templates so it’s easy to quickly share content with patients.  Create unlimited email and SMS message templates.  Email messages can also be created with merge fields.

Upload Video, Images & Documents

Upload your own videos, images and documents.  Uploaded media can be added to playlists for waiting area and when sharing with patients.  For example, you could add a animated logo and add this to a playlist.  Then, when you share the video by SMS or email, you video will play and then the animations.

Sharing Animations with Patients

Adding Favourites

Create a screen of favourited animations or movies that you use most often.

Sharing Animations

Version 4 transforms the way you share content with patients.  Share by SMS or email and with way fewer clicks.  Share individual animations or playlists.

Chairside Consultations

CAPTIV8 Animations Chairside

Chairside consultations with CAPTIV8 are easy and straight forward.  Click animations to play, draw over video and play only short snippets using the Chairside Toolbar.  Picture in picture help explain medical eye conditions in terms of pathology and the effect on vision.

Waiting Area

Waiting Area Loops

Create waiting area playlists natively in Version 4.  Create your playlist through the program and click play.  Add you own images and videos to the TV loop.

Schedule Playlists

The Scheduler allows you to control the playback of content at specific time and days for your waiting area TV.

Electronic Consent

Creating a Consent Quiz & Playlist

Use the CAPTIV8 application to create quizzes and animations that can be viewed on the patient’s mobile or PC.  Document patient understanding through the quiz and add it to the final consent document that can be editted through the CAPTIV8 Consent application.