Practices can achieve a 10% INCREASE in Conversion Rate*

A recent independent study conducted by Nicholas Rumney & Nicholas Black at BBR Optometry showed that Optometrists can on average increase eye exam to spectacle dispensing conversion rates by 9.85% using CAPTIV8+ at the end of consultations.

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INCREASE Average Transaction Values of Spectacle Dispenses by over £30*

In the same study, Rumney et al showed that on average, the transaction value of spectacle dispenses before and after consultations with CAPTIV8+ for 7 Optometrists increased by £32.82.

* Study to be published in Optician Journal.  The study evaluated eye exam to dispensing conversion rate and average transaction values for 7 Optometrists performing 94 exams without CAPTIV8+ and 111 eye exams with CAPTIV8+.

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