Patient loyalty

key part in improving your practice bottom-line

It costs 6 times less to retain a loyal patient than to attract a new one (Rosenberg and Czepiel, 1984).

Loyal patients are less likely to shop around (Safran et al., 2001), they are better candidates for up-selling and cross-selling to (Cassak, 1986, cited by MacStravic, 1994) and they are more likely to refer others to your practice (Platonova et al., 2008).

You can secure patient loyalty by increasing patient satisfaction.

CAPTIV8+ is designed to help you secure patient satisfaction. It helps you explain diagnosis and recommendations more clearly and to demonstrate empathy in the consulting room. It enhances your clinician/patient relationship and differentiates you and your practice from your competitors.

All these factors are known to contribute to securing patient satisfaction, which in turn leads to increased patient loyalty.

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