Digital Marketing

An Important Part of your Overall Marketing Plan

More than 90% of Website Visitors Leave in the 1st 20 seconds!

You may be spending money on SEO and Google Adwords to promote your site.  But are people taking action once they land on your website?  Increase consumer engagement and reduce dropouts by adding high quality 3D animations to your web pages.  You could embed animations like the ones below in a matter of minutes.

Being Overcharged for Social Media Marketing?

We’re hearing about practices being charged £200 – £400 per month just to manage social media marketing. That’s a lot of money! With CAPTIV8+ not only do you get a platform to use on your website, waiting area and in consultations, you also get CAPTIV8 Social.  You decide what topics you want and our social media experts find and post related news articles and animations on your Facebook page and Twitter account.  The FULL CAPTIV8+ Optrafair package is only £141.67 per month for up to 3 practices.

CAPTIV8 Social also offers Social Listening – take a look at the video below.

Example Social Media Post

Social Media Posts

What is CAPTIV8 Social Listening?