Integrated Healthcare Communication

Our mission is to deliver a single platform that makes communication between healthcare professionals secure and simplified and empower clinicians to educate and to inform patients throughout the patient journey.

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Secure e-referral that keeps care providers in the know.


We use encryption within the browser, on the server and in our apps so only you can access patient health data.  We are Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

Better Referrals

Dedicated referral templates for ophthalmology sub-specialities making life easier for referring clinicians to provide important, relevant information to specialists.

Medical Images Directly in the Referral

Just take a picture using your phone camera with the CAPTIV8 Connect Mobile app and the images automatically appear in your referral.

Instant Messaging

Collaborate with colleagues and send encrypted messages and images to discuss cases and advice.

Video Poster
Video Poster

Create Patient Experiences with 100’s of Patient Education Animations.

Animations on your Website

Increase website conversions by embedding stunning animations to build trust and engagement.


Make consultations memorable by interacting with animations.

Share Animations

Get content to the patient by sharing via email, SMS, QR codes and social media.

Waiting Area

Educate in the reception area.  Promote products & services.