Topcon OCT 100% optical

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100% optical

Upsell Enhanced Services for Glaucoma & AMD

CAPTIV8 Connect helps you create interactive, free-flowing consultations allowing you to demonstrate your clinical prowess!  With an in-built model eye, you can simulate vision, disease progression and even perform surgery!

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100% optical

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Create QR codes to promote your Enhanced Services

Create your own QR codes for fast patient engagement.

Topcon OCT 100% optical

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100% optical

If you sign-up for CAPTIV8 Connect for a 5 year subscription, we will give you a further 6 months free meaning you only pay for 4 years.

Bring your website to life

Adding video to your website can significantly enhance engagement.

1. Visual Appeal:  CAPTIV8 Connect dry eye animations provide a dynamic and visually appealing element to your website, capturing visitors’ attention and encouraging them to stay longer.

2. Complex Information Simplified: Our content helps your audience better understand treatments such as IPL, LLLT, Blephex, Probing.

3. Increased Time Spent on Site: Engaging videos keep potential patients on your site for a longer duration. The longer people stay, the more likely they are convert to booking an appointment.