Better, Faster Patient Communication

SMS or email stunning patient education animations in seconds

Patient communication is essential after every consultation.  Good communication puts patients at ease and results in greater uptake of products and services.  Unfortunately delivering quality information is time hungry – but not with CAPTIV8 Share.

CAPTIV8 Share creates that WOW moment every time you send stunning animations through it’s super fast, super efficient app.  We’ve made sharing possible for everything.  Pre/post consult, social media and also a fully integrated workflow during telemedicine.

Complete Animation Library

CAPTIV8 Share contains our entire library of the world’s best ophthalmology patient education animations.  Our comprehensive library covers all ophthalmology sub-specialties with regular updates included.

Sharing Videos
by Email

patient education optometry

When sharing animations with patients it’s important to maintain branding. That’s why every animation you share via email contains your practice name.

If you share animations by SMS, the message is sent from a dedicated number we have reserved for your country.  Where countries support  alphanumeric numbers, messages will come from a sender called EYEINFO.  Message recipients cannot reply to the SMS message.  Note that SMS messaging does not use SMS data from your cellular plan.

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Perform virtual consultations safely with GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA/PHIPA compliance

Perfect for the Clinician

Achieve HIPAA (signed BAA) and PIPEDA/PHIPA compliance with 256-bit AES encryption.

Our telemedicine solution is built into the CAPTIV8 Share app itself.  This means you do not need to login to a web browser to schedule consultations.

Add an estimated consultation time.  A countdown timer will then show to you and the patient.  Although, the video consultation won’t end, it acts to discretely inform patients that consultation is approaching the allotted time.

Screen share any vision apps you may have on your device.  There are so many apps these days to measure vision, screen for AMD and more.  Screen share allows the clinician to perform these tests remotely.

Patient understanding is crucial – particularly during virtual consultations.  After the video consultation is complete, CAPTIV8 Share automatically allows you to share patient education animations creating an efficient, time-saving workflow.

Perfect for the Patient

No app download for the patient.  Patients simply clicks on the link sent in an SMS.  SMS are sent with encryption and video consultations are end-to-end encrypted.

Crystal clear HD video and audio.  Secure 1-2-1 restricted Peer-to-Peer rooms utilise WebRTC (Real-time Communication) technology for high quality audio video.

Patient can switch from front or back phone camera.  This is a useful feature as many phones have better quality back cameras to provide even better visualisation of the eye

All communication is end-to-end encrypted with a maximum of 2 participants for total security.  No audio or video is sent to any cloud servers as media data is transmitted fully encrypted solely between you and the patient.

Globally Compliant

Read more about our compliance:

Our HIPAA compliance


Our PIPEDA/PHIPA compliance

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More Engagement on Social Media

Better content when you post using CAPTIV8 Share

Get Noticed on Social Media

Post animations directly to social media to improve engagement.

Add you own clinical images to posts.

Post to LinkedIn to generate more referrals from your referral audience.

Post to Facebook and Twitter to engage potential patients.

Post to one of more social media platforms simultaneously to save time.