Privacy Basics

This is a snapshot of how OPTIMED treats personal information and data. FOR FULL DETAILS READ OUR PRIVACY POLICY.

1. If you’re a User

You own the data in your account.  OPTIMED owns the Content it has produced or any Content produced with its technology.

Your email and SMS message templates are private by default.  Personal data of Users within any OPTIMED service are private.  Your information is only disclosed when you share Content with a Recipient.  Some uses we make of your data include, for example, in aggregating usage trends around Users, Content views and Social media posts – this is done so we can deliver performance metrics to you about the products you have subscribed to.

To make it easier for you to share Content via email, you may upload lists of email addresses, in which case OPTIMED again acts as a mere custodian of that data.  Again, this information is stored for a period of 6 months. We don’t sell these email addresses or SMS numbers and we use them only as directed by you and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The same applies to any email addresses collected in your account.

If you create referrals or messages using our Connect application, the content is encrypted end-to-end.  In addition, content stored on our server is only temporary and again is encrypted (not even we can view the data).  Referrals and messages stored within the CAPTIV8 Connect app is encrypted so only someone with the password you have created can access the information.

The CAPTIV8 Consent application also uses end-to-end encryption in the transmission of data.  Data stored on our servers is also encrypted (not even we can view the data).  Access to data with the Consent application is password protected (access to the application is by default through user login).

Read our Security Statement for more information.

2. If you’re a Recipient

Any email or SMS you received was sent by a User subscribed to our Service.

If you have any questions about any email or SMS you received, please contact the User directly.  OPTIMED is not responsible sending the email or SMS.  The User is usually a person within the practice or clinic from where you attended for your eye-care, the name of which is clearly indicated in the email or SMS communication.  Your eye-care professional should have their own Privacy Policy.

We anonymously analyze usage data about you (for example, looking at page view data and email opens):

  • to aggregate this data in order to provide anonymous information about usage of our product use to the User;
  • to improve the user interface;
  • to maintain a consistent and reliable user experience,
  • and to improve services by looking at what type of content is most viewed.

For the above circumstances, where you are located in the European Union, OPTIMED Ltd is a data controller of data about you to the extent that it is personal data and we describe how we process your data in more detail in our Privacy Policy.  However, to the fullest extent possible we aggregate and anonymize data about you so that you are not identifiable.

3. If you’re Visiting

Cookies – we use cookies, web beacons and pixels. These are small files which are placed on the device you are using to browse our website. They perform various tasks. Some of them are purely to ensure the proper functioning of our site. Other cookies are used by us to track the interaction of visitors with our site so that we optimize measure the success of our online marketing campaigns and partnerships. We ask for your permission to use the later type of cookies and, if you give us that permission in our cookie statement, you can also always withdraw that permission at any time using your browser settings. For more information on how to exercise this option click here.