Waiting Area

waiting area

Attention grabbing content – to entertain and engage

beautiful content

Add beautiful patient education animations to your waiting area, static images and even your own videos to a playlist.  It’s a great way of promoting products and services to generate interest.  All the content is stored on your practice PC so there’s no dependency on the internet for playback.

simple & intuitive

A simple drag and drop media centre allows you to easily create playlists.  You can even create multiple playlists and play them on specific days or even specific times to maximise the relevance of information to your patients.

‘push technology’

The CAPTIV8 media centre is available online.  Create playlists from anywhere and push them to your waiting area PC remotely!  It’s a big advantage if don’t get time when you’re in practice or if you have more than one practice location because you can publish and deploy your playlists without having to go to your practice.