How it Works

mapiconSTEP 1: find

Use the CAPTIV8 Social app to find tweets near your practice.  Find relevant tweets using keywords like ‘laser eye surgery’ or ‘contact lenses’.  The CAPTIV8 Social App pushs the latest tweets to your Android or Apple device.

interesticonSTEP 2: reply

Just click reply to send potential patients a link to stunning CAPTIV8 animations or even videos on your YouTube channel!  When the recipient clicks on the link, they’ll view the animation on a your fully branded CAPTIV8 Social Website. As you’d expect, CAPTIV8 Social animations play on PCs, tablets and mobiles.

calendariconSTEP 3: engage

After the animation is viewed, a web genie reminds patients to share or book an appointment!   There’s even a calendar for patients that allows them to request an appointment online.  This request sends an email to a designated email address (which you can define).  All your staff need do is confirm the appointment or offer another date!