CAPTIV8 Package

Pretty Much Includes Everything!


deviceiconInstall on up to 10 devices (you can purchase additional activations keys if you need to when you sign-up or even during your subscription). Devices includes PCs and iPads. CAPTIV8 is compatible from XP upwards and on iPad2 and above.

usersiconUnlimited users! Each user can be assigned a variety to roles to grant access to varies parts of the CAPTIV8 platform. The settings of individual users can be customized through the CAPTIV8 management console.
practicesiconThe standard CAPTIV8 license allows you to install the software on 10 devices in up to 3 practices. A minimum of 3 activation keys must be assigned to any given practice. Each practice will have its very own CAPTIV8 branded website where patients can view and share animations.

websiteiconIf you have your own company website you can also embed CAPTIV8 animations on as many pages of your website as you wish. CAPTIV8 animations are compatible with PCs, MACS, Tablets and most mobile devices.
updatesiconDuring your subscription period you will receive all new animation and product development updates. Furthermore, all animations are provided with voiceover and captions in English. If you’re in USA you will receive American and Spanish, If you’re in Canada then voiceovers and captions will be American and French.
supporticonYou’ll never be out of date as CAPTIV8 subscriptions include all technical support and all new animations and product updates.