i-Vue Media Centre

The Media Centre

Create playlists and content on the go from anywhere!

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Drag & Drop

Login to the i-Vue Media Centre online and create as many playlists as you wish, just drag & drop beautiful 3D patient education animations into the playlist area.  Save your playlist and then publish them remotely to your i-Vue displays.

Schedule Playlists

Want to display certain playlists at specific times or on specific days?  No problem!  The Media Centre has a built-in scheduler,  drag and drop your playlists at the time or day you want them to play.

Add Slides & Vendor Media

Upload your own static slides to play between movies.  You can even play movies supplied by Vendors.

‘push technology’

The i-Vue Media Centre is online.  Create playlists from anywhere and publish them to your waiting area PC remotely!  It’s especially useful if you have multiple practices because you don’t need to be onsite to change your display content.