A better informed patient is able to make better decisions. CAPTIV8 takes patient education to all areas of your practice, to the patient home and on social media.


Share beautiful 3D animations with patients before their appointment.  Add links to specific animations in patient email reminders.

Waiting Area

Entertain in the waiting area, generate patient interest and reduce perceived waiting time.  ‘Push’ playlists remotely to waiting area screens.

Awesome Consultations

Imagine if your patients could ‘see’ what you’re saying!  The chair-side PC and iPad apps help deliver clear explanations without increasing chair-time.

At Home

Share animations post appointment so patients can view them on your branded online animation centre on PCs, Tablets and mobile devices.

More Recommendations

Patients can also share animations via Social media and email.  A management system allows you to evaluate visitors and track patient recommendations.


Over 90% of online visitors leave websites within the first 20 seconds! Embed CAPTIV8 animations on your website to keep people engaged online.