CAPTIV8+ Bespoke

Create Your Own Animations

Create personalised content for your website, waiting area or content tailored for individual patients! Here’s an example of an animation created using CAPTIV8+.

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CAPTIV8+ recording technology doesn’t take up valuable processing time to create your movie.  As soon as you record it, it’s there.



Remove unwanted segments from your recording to make it the perfect story.

Add captions

Add Captions

Add your own captions to your video.  Now anyone, anywhere can have animations in any language.

Add Voiceover

Add Voiceover

Add that personal touch by recording your own voiceover to the animations.

Includes CAPTIV8!

CAPTIV8 is the backbone of CAPTIV8+. All CAPTIV8 animations are included for you to play in your waiting area and to share via your website, email or social media.



Share CAPTIV8+ animations privately with individual patients pre or post appointment.  When patients click on the link to your video, they view the video in the cloud on a web page with your branding.



Embed CAPTIV8 or CAPTIV8+ animations into your website or blogs.  All animations (even you CAPTIV8+ movies) will be streamed in the cloud for fast delivery that is compatible with mobiles, tablets and PCs.


Get Social!

Share your CAPTIV8+ and CAPTIV8 animations through social media to engage untapped markets.  Just copy and paste links to online animation area into your preferred social media channel.

Waiting area

Wait Area

Use the CAPTIV8 Media Centre to create playlists to loop in your waiting area. Add CAPTIV8 and CAPTIV8+ animations as well as supplier videos and your own images.


Multiple Installations

Install CAPTIV8+ or CAPTIV8 on up to 10 devices. Purchase more installations if required.


Multiple Practices

We don’t charge for additional practices. Split installations over your practices (minimum 3 installations per practice required).