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Over 4 hours of beautiful 3D patient education Optometry animations including all updates.

Thinking about setting-up a dry eye clinic?  We have animations covering all aspects of dry eye from dry eye symptoms, Demodex, assessment and treatments like punctal plugs, Blephex, IPL, MeiBoFlo and LipiFlow.

Specialty lenses are a key area for practice differentiation.  We have optometry animations to engage at various levels of the patient journey to increase conversion and adoption.  Keys areas include myopia control, orthokeratology, keratoconus and large diameter lenses.

Patients need to know that not all lenses are the same.  With significant confusion amongst consumers regarding the purchase of online spectacles, educating about difference between different lenses is key to building trust.  We have complete selection of animations on spectacle lenses, premium progressives and coatings as well as marketing animinations on frame selection and choice.

We have a huge selection of animations on eye conditions to save time explaining but to also add value post consultation in order to generate more word of mouth patient recommendations.  Remember, all our animations can be shared via SMS or email to your patients to create memorable, 5-star experiences.

Whether you have invested in OCT, IPL, LipiFlow, Fundus camera or Corneal Topography, patients don’t know what benefits they add to the consultation.  Use our explainer animations to gain more traction in growing your fee-based revenue.

Research shows more patients expect clinicians to tell them they’re suitable for lenses, yet many patients are not informed about contact lenses during consultations.  Furthermore, most drop-outs occur during the first 3 months of wear – primarily due to application and removal.  With animations on application and removal (soft, GP and large diameter lenses), sharing content will allow patients to watch clear instructions on their mobile, tablet or PC.  There’s also marketing animations on the benefits of contact lenses as well as  multifocals and toric lenses.  Here’s an animation on CL compliance.

Share 100’s of animations through SMS or email, embed on your website, loop in your waiting area or interact with them on iPads or PCs.