Stunning Ophthalmology Animations

Over 4 hours of beautiful 3D patient education animations for Ophthalmology and Optometry practices including all updates.  Share animations with patients, embed them on your website, use them chairside, loop them in the waiting area or even post animations on social media.

Thinking about setting-up a dry eye clinic?  We have animations covering all aspects of dry eye from dry eye symptoms, assessment and treatments like punctal plugs, IPL, MeiBoFlo and LipiFlow.

Numerous animations on what is cataract, cataract risks, setting patient expectations and PCO.  We have animations on cataract surgery, femto-cataract and even nano laser cataract surgery.

With so many choices on IOLs, it’s important to provide a clear, consistent message on the various options.  We have animations on toric, diffractive, refractive, accommodative, segmented and EDOF IOLs.  All animations provide clear benefits whilst setting realistic expectations.

Animations on LASIK, bladeless LASIK, SMILE, PRK, Trans PRK, LASEK, Epi LASIK, Custom LASIK, ICL, RLE and more…  Gain more conversions on your website, call-centre and in practice using our unique innovative communication platform.

We’ve got a comprehensive selection of animations on the various Glaucomas including detailed animations on various glaucoma surgical procedures such as drop therapy, ALT, SLT, MIGS, Trabeculectomy and PI.  Drop complaince is important so we’ve also developed content on how to apply drops and the importance of drop compliance.

We cover everything from patient education on what is epi-retinal membrane through to scleral buckling surgery.  There’s a comprehensive section on retinal surgery (vitrectomy, scleral buckling, PRP, Laser vitreolysis), medical retina (intra-vitreal injection, DR treatments, Angiography etc) and also patient education on the medical conditions (RVO, dry and wet AMD, floaters, diabetic retinopathy etc).  All of which will save you time and allow the patient to review content at-home once you share via email or SMS.