Use these Powerful Features of CAPTIV8 Connect during Myopia Week & Beyond

The best animations on myopia management scripted by experts

captiv8 connect

Explain myopia treatments in the exam room with ease

Explaining the cause, progression and treatments of myopia is time-consuming and crucial to parent/patient understanding.  CAPTIV8 Connect makes patient communication engaging and less time consuming.  Take a look at this video demonstrating how to explain myopia management in the consulting room.

Create QR codes to promote Myopia Management

Don’t miss an opportunity to talk about myopia management, create your own QR codes that link to myopia management animations for fast patient engagement.  Just display then on reception or the dispensary to educate patients in seconds.

myah QR code

Bring your website to life

Adding video to your website can significantly enhance engagement.

1. Visual Appeal:  CAPTIV8 Connect myopia animations provide a dynamic and visually appealing element to your website, capturing visitors’ attention and encouraging them to stay longer.

2. Complex Information Simplified: Our content helps your audience better understand treatments and the need for myopia management.

3. Increased Time Spent on Site: Engaging videos can keep potential patients on your site for a longer duration. The longer people stay, the more likely they are convert to booking an appointment.