Start date: 15 September 2021

Optimed are looking for a contractor(s)/suppliers to deliver a web development project to offer our e-referral platform within a web browser.  We are tendering for quotes for the completion of the following specification.

Functional Requirements

  1. Connection/communication via the CAPTIV8 Connect web server.
  2. Functionality for a user to login and make referrals and receive referral. Share images and other information securely.
  3. Display multiple referral templates defined from our server development.
  4. Asynchronous bidirectional flow of images, clinical data and messages.
  5. Reporting dashboard including KPI data – data pulled from server.
  6. A notification solution so that updates are acted upon and tracked.
  7. Store referrals server side / advise and notify users when records have been updated within the user session.
  8. Implement SNOMED CT at the terminology level with HL7 and FHIR at the data level within the server.
  9. The Transfer of Care message should contain structured narrative, coded content. The message should be human readable, machine readable and machine to machine transferable.
  10. Provide a feedback letter or a summary examination record after a hospital outpatient appointment to the GP, patient and referring optometry practice. This should include a management The letter should be generated server side and posted electronically or via email.
  11. Upload data to the National Ophthalmology Database (NOD) for those on a cataract pathway. The mechanism involves integration via the National Ophthalmology database API.

Technical & Security Requirements

  1. Provide Information Governance assurances for their organisation via the NHS IG DSP Toolkit
  2. Ensure the digital service including hosting should be certified to ISO27001:2017 Standards on data and cyber security
  3. Mitigate against the risk of unauthorised disclosure of personal confidential information. This might include steps to verify or authenticate the identity of a user such as user registration and PIN login as a verification process.
  4. Web App stores no persistent data locally and deletion from server’s database is automated to occur at five years. Data can be deleted manually before that time if necessary.
  5. Software for use on desktop PCs, tablets and mobile devices must be functionally compliant with current supported operating systems and internet browsers; maintained compliance to be supported through the product life; the software should meet the WCAG standards which will ensure it is also accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities.
  6. Interoperability must adhere to relevant NHS Digital Interoperability standards supporting below:


  • Access to Personal Demographics Service (PDS)
  • Integration with key national systems such as NHS e-Referral Service
  • Adherence to relevant ISNs as published
  • Support for SNOMED-CT coding
  • Support for ICD10 coding
  • Support for OPCS coding
  • Support for use of FHIR
  • Support for ODS
  • Support for relevant national audits

Timescales & Assessment

We expect to commence this project as soon as possible September 2021 with completion by July 2022 at the latest. We will assess each bid for the tender in the following way:

  • Price (40%)
  • Timescales (40%)
  • Experience/track record (20%)


If you are interested in tendering for this opportunity of would like to know more, please contact the team on td@optimed.co.uk or give us a call on 02476 444118

This tender will be advertised for the next 10 Working days and the closing date is 14th September 2021 at 11:59pm

This tender award is forms part of the CW Innovation Programme which is part funded by the European Region Development Fund