Improving Conversion Throughout the Patient Journey

Fast, Effective Chairside Discussions

Ophthalmology animations are ideal for websites, sharing and for the waiting area – but not in the consulting room.  There’s just not enough time. CAPTIV8+ is a real-time interactive computerised 3D model. Quite simply, no other platform comes close to CAPTIV8+ in the exam room. Demonstrate premium IOL benefits, SLT & simulate vision – interactively.  CAPTIV8+ is fast, intuitive and super easy. CAPTIV8+ will help improve conversion to surgery and premium treatments.

– Zoom in and out

– View from ANY angle

– Apply disease to structures

– Perform surgery on the model

– Draw on screen

– Record your own animations

Patient Communication Beyond Consultations

Make consultations memorable by sharing ophthalmology animations pre or post appointment

Share via SMS

Not every patient has email, research shows that only 56% of consumers with email have access to them on their mobile devices! That’s why we developed CAPTIV8 Share.

Share via Email

Send beautifully designed emails branded with your logo and practice address. Emails are fully compliant with international anti-spam policies and delivered from an email delivery platform that protects you from getting black-listed.

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Entertain in the Waiting Area



CAPTIV8 has a built-in Media Centre so you can create unlimited playlists. Drag & drop stunning animations into the playlist area or upload your own videos. CAPTIV8 is flexible, play playlists locally on your PC or publish them to multi-site locations.


Want to display certain playlists at specific times or on specific days? No problem! CAPTIV8 has a built-in scheduler, drag and drop playlists at specific times / days.


Upload your own static slides to play between animations on your waiting area screen. You can even upload your own movies or those supplied by Vendors.


The CAPTIV8 program allows you to create playlists. Saved playlists can then be published locally or to other installations without having to physically be onsite. This feature is especially useful if your company has multiple locations.

Ophthalmology Animations for Websites

The purpose of every eye-care practitioner’s website is to generate real patients. That has to be the ultimate goal. Engagement is key to this conversion – otherwise you’ve just wasted a lot of time, effort and money in driving consumers to your web page for them to just move on to the next website. In this digital age, the vast majority of your new patients are finding you through the web. Build a great website that engages and you’ll be getting lots more web enquiries. 

Embedding CAPTIV8 animations is a key ingredient to better website conversion. Why?  Because educating builds trust. Once you’ve built trust, adding a call to action will allow you to increase goal conversions. CAPTIV8+ comes with over 200 stunning animations that embed like YouTube videos and play on all devices so your website remains mobile compliant.

See how CAPTIV8 animations are used to retain people for longer on Consultant Ophthalmologist David Anderson’s website. Alternatively, see how a micro-site tailored for to attract dry eye patients utilises CAPTIV8 ophthalmology animations to educate on dry eye.

Social Media Marketing

Struggling finding interesting stories to post to your social media accounts? Want to leverage the power of social media for your practice? CAPTIV8 Social is the perfect solution.


Engaging with your followers is a time consuming task, it’s also something that never ends. CAPTIV8 Social automatically finds the latest news and posts content to your Facebook and Twitter company pages. All you do is make a one time selection of the type of content you want posted – CAPTIV8 Social does the rest.

Website Design & Development

Optimed web design and development makes it simple to get a bespoke website. We have experience working with Optometrists and Ophthalmologists creating websites that improve customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates.

optimed website development